Social Innovation hub

The Lab represents an open thinking platform oriented towards creating long-term, new format reationtips, structures, projects and will be focusing on five major directions:

  1. Projects from outside of the hub and consultancy services;
  2. Long-term programs: 'Conversion', 'Art Meets Craft', 'Manufactura';
  3. Six partners represented in the hub and their joint projects:

 4.  All sotial Innovation Lab projects also stand as the      material with which the Creative Mediation students interact closely and which they turn into real tangible products. All Lab projects will be accessible to the students in the form of presentations.

5. The Hub's Social Innovations direction already has established international partners: Sotial Design - ARts as Urban Innovation as The University of Applied Arts Vienna, Plymouth College of Art, Fondatione Pistoletto - MA in Social Inovation at the University of Milan. There is a successful history of cooperation and experience-sharing with the partners, hence, once the hub is fully functional, there is a possibility to raise the partniership to a higher level.