About CCA -Tbilisi

The Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi (CCAT) is an independent, non-profit, communi- ty-based institution, which functions as a station, where people, working in international, re- gional and local art scenes, curators, artists, students and people simply interested in art, can connect and collaborate. Together with other institutions, CCA-T also organizes art exhibitions and fairs to support contemporary Georgian artists, and it also contains a library of approxi- mately 2000 books on contemporary art, art history and art theory, which is free of charge and open to the public.

The main goal of CCA-Tbilisi is to support the development of contemporary art and innovative education in Georgia and in Caucasus region as well. For a country with deeply rooted cultural traditions it is of crucial importance to have an independent and open institution, which will work on conceptualization of contemporary visual culture and help Georgian and international artists to effectively present cre- ative production to local and international audiences

Among its many activities, it is necessary to say about main educational program in CCA Creative Mediation, an informal, full-time study master’s program in artistic practice, which lasts for nine months. The program focuses on equipping the students with skills and tools neces- sary to freely function in the contemporary art world, varying between production and concep- tualization of the visual art.

From 2020 CCA-Tbilisi started to develop Art and Innovation Laboratory based on pas experiences working with different platforms in Georgia. The Lab will give possibility to the local important platforms space for a future development and collaboration.