Before the repressive Soviet regime took over, self-organization was an established practice in our society. Sadly, this culture was eradicated by the regime, resulting in the community development being replaced by the Soviet collectivism and eventually weakening the former social mechanisms of self-organization.

The project aims to create the examples of community organizations, initiating local public and cultural spaces, which consequently aids gradual development of the sense of civic responsibility in communities. As a result, we see precedents of realized projects and ideas coming from self-initiative and self-organization, which in turn enables a change of the existing situation.

The first stage of the Conversion project, realized in 2016, involved research and was also aired on the 1st Public Broadcast TV channel and was focused on the transformation of spaces that have lost their function into cultural platforms across 11 municipalities of six regions. The main goal of the Conversion team was to create experience and accumulate knowledge with regards to self-organization and self-initiative of local communities.

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