The Center of Regenerative Agriculture

The Center of Regenerative Agriculture aims at researching ecological, natural, regenerative agricultural principles and methods, their development and promotion in Georgia.

The regenerative agriculture studies and practices alternative agricultural systems, among them the celebrated natural farming established by Japanese Masanobu Fukuoka and permaculture revolutionized by Australian Bill Mollison. The said philosophies share common approach and several guiding principles that serve as a foundation for the Center of Regenerative Agriculture. The vast practical experience and results achieved my numerous countries across the globe prove that these approaches are highly effective, healthy and ecologically justified.

The Center of Regenerative Agriculture will work on informing and educating those interested and the general public, and will also create an information bank, publish special literature, build experimental and demo agricultural nurseries. Moreover, the center will focus on organizing eco villages, build relationships with the farmers and support their work, build partnerships with the state and international funds. The center will also work on developing special projects and environmental education, establishing a consultancy service, social enterprises and parks, as well as organizing mass tree planting activities.