Parallel Class

Parallel Class is a non-governmental organization established in 2017, whose main mission is to create parallel, non-formal educational processes for high school students. The organization operates on the initiative of young artists and uses creative methods to act as a connecting link between educational resources in the country, creative organizations, and schools. Give high-school students access to both local and international up-to-date information.

In 5 years, the Parallel Class has created more than ten courses/projects for the students of IX, X, XI, and XII grades, both in Tbilisi and in the regions of Georgia. Each concept of the course is unique with its content and practical outcome, as the dramaturgy of the process is set and organized around the local space and human resources where the educational process takes place. This characteristic determines students' interest and re-engagement each time. More than 200 students from more than 30 schools are involved in the activities of the organization, which today form a kind of community, and some, already students, continue to communicate with the organization.

In 2019 our organization created a tenth-grade textbook for the school - Organizing Space, which explains the teaching methodology of the Parallel Class. The book includes local and international experiences and examples of key issues that are creatively shared with adults: Archive / Dramaturgy / Communication / Production / Exposition.

A large group of local, both young and accomplished contemporary artists is involved in the parallel classroom learning processes. The organization cooperates with various governmental and non-governmental organizations and tries to remodel their knowledge and experience into an alternative school program and syllabus, to enable students to gain creative and practical solutions, and on the other hand to strengthen the educational function of various organizations.


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